GLOSSYBOX Oktoberfest Edition

I've been trying out GLOSSYBOX for a few months now and I've always wanted to write about it. In Germany it costs €15 including shipping and you usually get 5 products (supposedly "luxury" products according to the website, but in reality that's not always the case lol) and every now and then they sent some extra stuff which is usually not even worth mentioning x_x

Sometimes they create themes for certain months. This month they sent out a special "Oktoberfest" box.

These are the products I got:

GLOSSYBOX Lipstick in "Glossy Pink"
OPI Nailpolish in "Unfor-Greta-bly Blue"
C:EHKO Crazy Curls Leave-In Conditioner
KIKO Soft Touch Blush in No. 102
KRYOLAN Contour Pencil

The pink one (got it from Donna <3) is just for comparison! Check out how cute the little one looks :D

the weirdest color ever :S
swatches :D from left to right: lipstick - blush - pencil

Out of all the products I only really like the nailpolish (even though I'll probably be giving it away as a gift), the conditioner and the blush.. the lipstick is actually made by KRYOLAN just like the pencil, which makes two products from the same brand, that I don't even like :/ The nail foils are quite a funny gimmick but I'm not sure if I'm going to use them (it looks a little bit too clownish for my taste).

I think idea-wise GLOSSYBOX is actually pretty good but the products I get are usually not that great :/ This'll probably be the last one.. I'd rather buy one product I really want for €15 than get 5 that are just ok.

What about you guys? Is the Glossybox available in your country and have you tried it yet?


  1. I like the idea too. But 15 Euros is just to much for these products. If they would feature more brands I like I would try too I guess ^v^ I like the nail polish too !

    1. I know! Actually there a lot of brands on their website that I like. I just never get them with my box :D I guess they're just fishing for costumers that way :/

    2. Yes they have acutally amazing brands. But it never feels that it was truy worthy ! It would be great if they just more care about your wishes. I really want the japanese glossy box though. I'm just interested in ANY of their items haha

    3. I'd like to try the American glossybox! I think they are a little more generous than the German Glossybox people xDDDD Did you read the Glossybox post by Yumeko by any chance? There were a lot of European products included o_o I wish it would be the other way around too, that they would include Japanese items in the German Glossybox :D

  2. I've never liked Glossybox. :3 I like to buy things myself, it's more fun that way. :]

    I've tried nail foils before, it turned out a disaster. ^^'

    I'm in with you, I like the nail polish the best.


    1. hmmmmm I never put on nail foils before but I heard that's it's quite hard :/
      and yes, you're right, I like to buy things myself too :D

  3. Hello! sorry for the super late reply. I've been away for soooo long already but I'm finally back!hehe... I read your post about mizon haul!that was a great haul xD I finished my first bottle of snail cream three months ago though. Now I'm using one from StemCello :D

  4. I subscribe to glossybox Canada and I actually really like the lipstick. It's a very close shade to my natural lips, but better of course. lol

  5. excited to see how the OPI nail polish turns out, and the foils too!


  6. Looks like a great box full of pretty items :) Beautiful nail polish too! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  7. I'm just glad to see your blogging again! I changed the layout but i'll probably change it again since i'm never satisfied with it haha. I've been applying for jobs over this week so hopefully I'll have a job soon (although as soon as i get paid it will probably go straight to makeup/clothes)!! ^_^


  8. I like the blue box with the white.
    yah, I kind of gave up on beauty boxes because
    like you said, I would rather spend money on
    something I know I will like then to get 5 random
    ones that I might not like or use ><

  9. Danke fürs folgen! <3 Oh Gott, dein Blog ist so süß und rosa und mein ganzes Internet duftet jetzt nach Zuckerwatte, hier bleib ich xDD

    Ich hatte die Glossybox auch ein paar Monate lang, aber als sie den Preis erhöht haben hab ich sie abbestellt =/ Ich fand es ganz interessant, weil ich mir sonst nie hochwertigere Kosmetik kaufe, weil ich immer Angst habe dass ich was nicht vertrag und dann Geld rausgeschmissen hab. Daher war es ganz nett, mal ein paar Sachen zu testen. Aber es ist halt immer Glückssache ob man was bekommt was man brauchen kann oder nicht, da geb ich mein Geld auch lieber gezielt für die Sachen aus, die mich ansprechen... ^^

  10. I've not tried it, the price sort of puts me off a bit! I think it's a great idea though and I always get a bit jealous when there's a really good one! Love that this one is themed, how cute. I absolutely love your blog. I'm following you and I'd love it if you could follow me back? Anyway, keep up the amazing work! Felicity x


  11. Nice stuff ;)
    Hey what about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!

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  13. Ich finds immer so dermaßen interessant, was andere so in ihrer Glossy Box haben und ich freu mich schon nächsten Monat selbst eine zu erhalten :))

    Liebst <3