KAO liese Bubble Hair Color in Platinum Beige

A couple weeks ago I dyed my hair using the liese Bubble Hair Color I bought from alphabeautyuk.
It cost me about 18$ including shipping.

Here's what the packaging looks like:
 It was a little bit dented due to transportation but whatever.
Inside I found the solution and the color agent and a pump:
 There were also a lot of leaflets and such and the instruction was very useful as it was written in English ^__^
According to the "Color Guide" on the side of the package, my hair is the first color ("dark color hair") but I still get to see a good result in the end!
Ok, so I mixed the ingredients together. Apparently it is vital to NOT shake the bottle too hard (as stated in the instruction about fifty times)! So I didn't shake too much and squeezed the bottle to produce the foam and voilá:
Then I put it on my hair. I have long hair but the one bottle was more than enough for me.
I usually need two packages to dye my hair :C So the bubble dye is actually really economical yay!
When I had it in my hair it didn't really look as foamy as in the instruction but the result was still really great. Check out the before and after here:
I really like how the color turned out! Not that much of a difference but still notable.
I took the photo about a week after I dyed my hair and now, about two weeks after I dyed it, the color's gotten even lighter! It's a very nice ashy shade which I totally adore. There's nothing worse than an orange hair fiasco (and trust me, I had lots of them before!)
I think I might use the bubble dye again!

- results are true to the color shown on the package
- cheap (cause one package is enough for long hair)
- not as damaging as other hair dyes I used before
- easy to use

-the smell is kinda strong

Hope it was helpful!!


  1. Ohh die Farbe ist nach zwei Wochen richtig schön geworden :O ♥
    Steht dir sehr gut.

  2. hello lippi!!!!!!!

    aaah so natural looking! awesome results! <3 i've never seen a foamy hair dye before! such an interesting product!

    the yellow strawberry necklace i bought three years ago from forever 21 :(

  3. i like the colour ^^ ur hair looks so healthy and shiny too :3 and thanks for the compliment :3

  4. love it! you look great!


  5. Nice results~! The color looks natural! how long did u leave it on for dark hair to get that color?
    Kao liese is like an addiction cos it's so easy to use, best part is it saves our budget by the lot! This is one of my best discovery product :)

  6. I've wanted to try Liese, but was always skeptical that it wouldn't alter the color of my hair so much.... I do like the subtleness of the color in your hair!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  7. You finally tried out Liese!! :D This hair dye is one of my fave products, the Platinum beige is a lovely colour but it has yet to hit my shores :C You look good in this shade and yes, I agree that there is nothing worse than orange hair hehe. have a good week, Lippi!!

  8. yay!! this is really helpful actually since i've been eyeing this brand in the market every time i go...

  9. i forgot to add how you look like a doll with big green eyes on the "before" photo :D

    the dress looks a lot cuter when worn :), it's one of those dresses that when you first see it on the hanger it doesn't look that good. i probably would have not noticed it if it didn't have the cutest prints lol! thank goodness it didn't look bad when its worn lol!

  10. ahh your new colour looks lovely! suits you so much because you look kinda caucasian? so natural 8)

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  11. Ooo I see a lot of people blog/talk about these foamy dyes nowadays. Even L'oreal came out with it now for N. America...

    The results picture looks scary but I like how it turned out on you. Very natural! :)

    P.S. Idk if you'll be able to see my reply to your question regarding why you can't comment on my previous posts... It's because I have the comment box set to automatically close after 8 days. That's so I don't get spammed especially when I go on unannounced hiatuses. Is it inconvenient?

    Anyway, I hope you've been good, Lippi!

  12. u look great !
    nice post :D


  13. Wow that hair color looks lovely...it looks fantastic on you! I really think Asia has the best type of technology for this type of hair product - especially for Asians :) Just found your blog and followed you <3

  14. great color!
    i want to dye my hair too >.<

  15. new follower! I love this colour on you!! it looks great :)

  16. New Follower here, I love how the color turned out, I must dye my hair next time with this! I love how one box can be enough for long hair! :D And it doesn't look damaging :)